Knee - Stress Fracture

32, Male C/o: B/L Knee pain Works as a builder and a drainage engineer Objective Knees - no swelling Full knee ROM but all movements painful NAD ligament stress tests Intact patellar glides Impression: Patellofemoral pain Review appt Ongoing pain reduced Knee ROM painful with McMurrays Impression: Meniscal problem Referred for MRI MRI showed [...] Read more

Knee Synovitis | Cases

87 female , 6 month history of knee pain Difficult weight bearing. Uses 1 walking crutch. Limited flexion and extension ROM due to pain. Swelling present in the whole leg rather than just the knee. Attended A&E twice due to severity of pain. Was given a knee x-ray. X-ray Report Mild degenerative changes noted particularly in relation to the [...] Read more

Monoarthropathy – Knee | Cases

27 female 10 Year history of Knee pain. Used to do running but now doesn’t due to pain. Previous diagnosis – Bakers Cyst which was drained. Examination No effusion Full ROM, no pain with overpressure NAD ligaments NAD meniscal test (McMurrays) Cyst present in Popliteal fossa over gastrocnemius region. Non tender MRI requested to ascertain cause [...] Read more

Lipoma Arborescens | Cases

(2016) Patient (male) aged 44 attends physical therapy department with right knee pain. He gives a 5 year history of knee pain. He has noticed on and off swelling in the right knee. The clinician notices high BMI. On knee exam, there is slight swelling noticed on the knee. ROM is full with slight tightness at end range flexion and extension. [...] Read more

Knee – Bucket Handle Tear & ACL Tear

Case History 32 Year old female Felt a pop in the knee when doing box jumps. Developed knee pain with slow swelling. Improved a couple of weeks later. 5 Months later while doing weighted lunges, knee popped again. Improved again but residual pain persisted. Continued to do cross fit. Referred to MSK Physio by GP. Examination Mild end range flexion [...] Read more