Plasmacytoma | Cases

Retrospective case study 66 Male 1 year history of right thigh pain Attended physiotherapy. Given exercises for tight thigh muscle. No improvement. Consulted GP 10-12 months after physiotherapy as he developed problems with sit to stand. GP requested X-ray pelvis. X-ray report as follows. GP referral for x-ray mentions – “Injury right leg two [...] Read more

Hip Osteonecrosis | Cases

59 ♂ B/L groin pain. 10/10 VAS Initially started on the left side like lateral hip pain. Had 2 steroid injections for lateral hip pain. Uses walking stick. Painful with weight bearing, getting in / out of car. No spinal symptoms. Recent X-ray NAD Exam Antalgic gait Pain deep in groin Hip flexion limited to 90° B/L Minimal internal and external [...] Read more

Hip Stress Fracture in a Runner | Cases

19 female, triathlete c/o groin pain. started after a spike in training load over a 2 month period. 60km a week bike, 40-50 km running, 2-3 swims. Exam Antalgic gait Pain with FADIR and IR of hip NAD on X-ray. x-ray MRI MRI – Coronal Views What is the pathophysiology of a stress fracture?