Knee - Stress Fracture

32, Male C/o: B/L Knee pain Works as a builder and a drainage engineer Objective Knees - no swelling Full knee ROM but all movements painful NAD ligament stress tests Intact patellar glides Impression: Patellofemoral pain Review appt Ongoing pain reduced Knee ROM painful with McMurrays Impression: Meniscal problem Referred for MRI MRI showed [...] Read more

Back Pain - Metastatic Disease

44, male C/o: 2 month history of central lower back pain. Insidious onset Worse with lying / night time. Also worse first thing in the morning. Wakes up 2-3 times per night due to pain. Social Office Job Active Life style Enjoys playing sport Ex smoker (stopped 12 years ago) Weekend drinker Past medical history of Crohn's disease No weight loss No [...] Read more