Foot Pain

78 Female Apr 2017 - an object fell on to the left foot. No pain at the time. Pain in the foot started 3-4 months later. Mar 2018 - GP requested x-ray (L) foot. NAD. Apr 2019 - seen in physiotherapy. Patient reported that pain started after something fell on her left foot. Full ROM. Tender over cuniform, cuboid and navicular. Able to stand on [...] Read more

Intestinal Tumour

38 male History of low back pain - approx 5 years. Feb 2021 - attended GP surgery for back pain + left leg pain. Gave a 2 month history for symptoms. Jumped out of a van which made the symptoms worse. Also reported P+N in the left leg. No B+B issues. Booked for FCP appt next day. Patient DNA. July 2021 - attended A&E for GI, Abdominal pain. [...] Read more